Monday, April 8, 2013

Thank You!

Thank you to all the athletes who applied for sponsorship with Maple Grove Cycling.  We had several excellent candidates, and we have selected 10 athletes to represent the organization for the 2013 season.  

MGC will have group rides starting up the week of April 15th.  If you are looking for a group of dedicated, but balanced individuals who love to ride and participate in friendly group rides, it's worth checking out.  MGC Facebook Ride page.  (Click here).  

The group swim seminar was cancelled for now due to pool availability.  Keep an eye on the blog and Tri Coach K at FB for updates.  Right now I have been working primarily with ones and twos for swim lessons.  If you or you and a few others would like to schedule something, feel free to email me at triathloncoachk(at)

Train Smart, Keep Balanced, 
Coach K

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