Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter IS Coming!

With Winter just around the's time to start sorting the accomplishments from last year, and the aspirations for the Transition Season, and the goals for next Summer!  Here are some questions that will help you starting thinking about these things.  In the coming months I will be posting ideas for your Transition Season and ways to keep you healthy and active this Winter.

1) What was the most fun part of my season?

2) What was an area that I occasionally but consistently had some problems with?

3) What was my strongest discipline? Why might have that been?

4) What was my weakest discipline?  Why might have that been?

5) If training solo, was it enjoyable to train by myself, or would it have been more fun with someone else?

6) Was my family involved in my training and racing?  Did they seem to enjoy being part of the experience?

7) What would I like to get from my tranisition season this year?