Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Power Plate Training

I recently started working with an organization that sells a piece of exercise equipment which utilizes a type of technology called acceleration training. The company that manufactures this equipment is called Power Plate. The technology and training philosophy is based upon research on muscle fiber contraction that is stimulated through static and dynamic exercises. The training uses research in which physiologists have found that our muscles can fire in reaction to stimulus of vibration (acceleration) of 30-60Hz to stimulate muscle fiber growth.

Wondering if this mode of training would be very effective, I used the swim specific strength and flexibility routine outlined in Dr. Patrick Hagerman's Strength Training for Triathletes and used the Power Plate as the foundation for the exercises. I found that the equipment really does work and that it offers a low-impact mode of training that would be especially useful for athletes that have not previously implemented strength training in their training on a regular basis.

Check out Power Plate USA. If you are interested in training on this equipment contact me and I can set you up!

Train Smart, Keep Balanced,
Coach K

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