Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year's Resolutions...Do a Tri!

If your New Year's resolutions include 'getting in better shape,' 'losing X amount of pounds,' 'fitting into a wedding dress,' and/or 'completing/competing (in) your first multi-sport event' then you should sign up for my 7 week triathlon training course at the Downtown Minneapolis Y(MCA)!

Starting on Monday January 10th, I will be teaching a class that covers the basics for triathlon training and preparation. Although the class has a swim-focus to it, there will be comprehensive triathlon overview education. If you are a member of The Y or not, you are welcome to sign up for this great class which will cover swimming in open water principles, swim-to-bike transitions, open water spotting, video analysis, swim specific strength, technique drills, breathing technique, equipment involved, general training principles, and a mini-triathlon.

There are class offerings on Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. Sign up at the Downtown YMCA-30 South 9th Street, Minneapolis. Registration forms can be found on The Y's website:
(click here).

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